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[XP] Memories of Mana 2


Author and Information: Moghunter / Atelier Rgss

Memories of Mana 2
Chapter Lenia
When reality and memories come into conflict the world falls into chaos.
Shadow forces emerge from the past bringing hopelessness to the weak.
In a world where one does not know who is allied or enemy, will Duran be able to find the truth and restore the balance between reality and illusion?

This game is a continuation of Memories of Mana 1, being a FanGame of the game Seiken Densetsu 3 of Square-Enix. The game will continue where the first version stopped with the hero Duran. Memories of Memories 2 will follow the same graphical style of the first version, with colorful graphics typical of the Mana series, with beautiful music and lots of action.


File Size - 70MB (non encrypted) Version 1.0 (Full)

English Version (Translated by Bastian)

Download (MediaShare)

Portuguese Version

Download (MediaShare)

Credits and Thanks
Spoiler (hover to show)> CREDITS and THANKS <



SQUARE-ENIX (Seiken Densetsu 3, Legend of Mana , Rudra no Hiho, Chrono Trigger)

Media Vision (Wild Arms)

> ART <

Another Zero 


> BATTLERS (Characters)<

Another Zero 



Mazera -  ( シアンのゆりかご )



Another Zero

White Cat

(Mori no oku no kakurezato)




> SE <



Knight Man



TAM - music


Liberty Music


FredoM House

Abstract Hope








KGC Software



Questions and answers
Spoiler (hover to show)#-------------------------------------
# Technical Questions V1.0 (2010 / 04 / 25)

Q1 - Why does the game go out alone?
R1 - You probably messed with the database or the script editor, it's to study the project and not edit.

Q2 -Where did you find the characters of the enemies? I visited the Sites that were in the CREDITS.TXT file and did not find any of them.
R2 - Why several characters in this project were edited exclusively for use in Memories of Mana.

Q3 - Where did you find the Memories of Mana Tilesets?
R3 -They were sliced from professional games using the ZSNES and EPSX emulators, and after being ripped were edited through Photoshop.

Q4 - The project does not open!
R4 - Probably a problem with RPG MAKER XP Versions. Just copy the files. (Depending on the version of your RPG MAKER)

RGSS101J.dll /RGSS102J.dll / RGSS103J.dll
RGSS101E.dll /RGSS102E.dll

Copy to the same directory where the project is, after that open the GAME.ini file and modify the DLL file name. (Your version is clear)

Q5 - How did you create the game trailer?
R5 - I used the Camtasia Studio programs to record and the program
AVS4YOU to edit.
Game Secrets
Spoiler (hover to show)Q1 – How do I get past Dark Koren? He is very difficult!

R1 – You must equip the Fire Ring to lessen 50% of damage based on the fire element, the Fire Ring is in one of the chests in Cassandra, the rest is to attack him after he perform his offensive moves, as he will stay a few seconds teleporting about.

Q2 – What are the monsters that are closing the access to the dungeons?

R2 – You will have access to these stages when you play with Lise in the unpublished parallel version Memories of Mana 2.

Q3 – How many finals are there in the game?
R3 – Three Finals.

Final A - Your friends die.
Final B - Lise kills Duran to awaken him to reality.
Final C - Duran faces his arch enemy in a deadly fight and saves Angela.

Q4 – I can not kill the Ghost Wall.

R4 – It is advisable to be level 60 or higher and equip giving priority to the attribute strength, since the enemy will always bring 60% damage to your HP regardless of defense.
If you have some Herbs of Power (Red Herb) this is the time to use them, items like Apple (Apple) also help, the scheme to defeat this enemy is to constantly attack with the sword without stopping without fear of the wall attack, when the wall brings damage use the item Chocolate and then use the item Magical Walnut to recover your MP.

Q5 – How do I get into room 201 in Elnaria?

R5 – In one of the houses in the town of Snoria, there is a refrigerator where you can pick up the cheese item, this item must be changed by the key of room 201 with a mouse that is in the abandoned house in Sky Garden.

Q6 – In Veza in the save room, there is a suspicious wall on the right side, is it some game bug?

R6 – Of course not, as soon as you enter this room, if you pay attention, you will notice that near the table there is an object that jumps, this object is a bomb, take that bomb near the wall and use the fire sword to activate -over there.
After the explosion a chest will be revealed.

Q7 – How do I save Koren and Lise in the cave of Fiera?

R7 – In the battle against Koren and Lise possessed you must equip the necklace of Jaia, this way you will see a black crystal, this Black Crystal is the evil force that is possessing Koren and Lise.
The necklace of Jaia is located in Veza.

Q8 – How do I get past Black Crystals?

It is necessary to have the Masked item to pass through the Black Crystals, to obtain the Mascrite it is necessary to exchange the Ribon item for the Noria Flute in the town of Farendia, after that go to Elnaria and talk to the pianist and then talk to Bigieu.
The item Ribon is located in the Caverna de Fiera.

Q9 – How do I get into Pandora?

R9 –It takes both spheres (Vivra) to gain access to Pandora.
The first sphere is located in Breezam, in the dark cave.
The second is located in Sand Garden after defeating Bigieu.

Q10 – How do I defeat death? She has a spell that takes more than 400 damage!

R10 - Recommended level is 65 or higher. Death is not difficult, the problem is that it takes a lot of energy and its special attack is Phoenix magic that causes more than 400 damage, to solve this team problem with the HP Ring I and HP Ring II accessories, this way you will have more than 430 HP, the rest is to dodge her attacks and retrieve her HP the moment she uses Phoenix.

Q11 – How do I make the final C?
R11 – You must have learned all the skills, physical and magical, which in practice is to unveil all the secrets of the game.

Q12 – How did I defeat Koren Kai? It impossible to conquer!

R12 – Recommended level is 80 or more. Do not use any skills when he is in attack position, this will only do him against attacking with the Death magic leaving him with only one HP in addition to the Deahcount condition, avoiding lightning attacks and the moment he closes wings use a skill, other than the element fire or thunder, to break the defense, when this happens use all your Combos Strikes and soon thereafter attack without stopping with the sword.
When he creates the clones you must attack the real body otherwise he will attack with a triple attack that will cause more than 380 damage, to know which one is true just repair the speed, the clones move slower.
When he has less than 25% HP he will merge with Angela's soul, in which case you should be careful not to hit Angela (2500HP), if Angela dies it's game over, after the merger it will stay more appeal still, my dear, is the Kamikaze effect, you should avoid the attacks and be careful not to kill Angela.


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