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Convert PNG to 8-Bit (256 Colors)




Introduction:Learn how to convert batch graphics for use in Rm2k/2k3, Game Maker (Old Version), MMFusion (Old Version) and other engines that use 8-Bit graphics.

An example is the images in this topic, originally the size of 378 Kb (24/32 bits), now the size of 120 Kb (8 bits).

Downloading FastStone PhotoResizer.

--- Quote ---Alert: If you are not the administrator of your machine download the portable version.
--- End quote ---

Browse or drag all images into the software.

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Now select in "Output Format" the PNG option:

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Click on "Settings", a window will appear, just change the "Colors" field to 256.

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Turn on the "Output Folder" option and set a folder to store the converted graphics.
Do not do this in the same folder, you may damage the original graphics.

--- Quote ---Alert:
If you are running Windows Vista (or higher) and need to use MSPaint to do any editing, the image will be converted 24 or 32-bit again..
--- End quote ---

The required settings have already been applied:

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Now to convert just hit the "Convert" button and wait for the progress.

Checking the result:
Go to the output folder, right click on any image and select "Properties":

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Click on "Details", the Bit Intensity line should be number 8.
If it's 24 or 32, that's why you made a mistake converting.

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---

Keeping the tree structure of folders:

Browse the software to the project folder, select "CTRL" only the folders with graphics.
Now press the Add button:


After conversion, in the output folder you will find a copy of all graphic folders:



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