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Title: Extract all sprites from a single image
Post by: GameDev on April 15, 2019, 11:04:00 pm
First of all, you need to have AdobeAir installed, it is necessary for the application to work:
AdobeAir (http://get.adobe.com/br/air/)
Applaction: ShoeBox (http://renderhjs.net/shoebox/air/ShoeBox_3.5.4_public.air)

When you open this interface appears:
Click to view image (https://rpgmaker.000webhostapp.com/rpgmaker/util/extract-sprite-0.jpg)

Each list of sprites must be in a separate folder to avoid mixing graphs, download this sample:
http://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/8/8150.gif (http://www.spriters-resource.com/resources/sheets/8/8150.gif)

And save a folder with the name of PKM-Trainers.

Drag the image to the third option, "Extract Sprites", it can be any standard image format used in Windows, such as PNG, GIF, BMP or JPG:
Click to view image (https://rpgmaker.000webhostapp.com/rpgmaker/util/extract-sprite-1.png)

When complete it will display this window, but remember the more sprites will take over the processor and it might even crash your OS (Windows?):
Click to view image (https://rpgmaker.000webhostapp.com/rpgmaker/util/extract-sprite-2.png)

Use the mouse scroll to see the details more closely, see that even with colored background he can differentiate each sprite.
This numbering and these contours are just to be sure you order and the base size of each item:
Click to view image (https://rpgmaker.000webhostapp.com/rpgmaker/util/extract-sprite-3.png)

Finally click the "Save" button, wait for the processor to finish generating all sprites.
See the folder that appears several PNG images of 32-Bit:
Click to view image (https://rpgmaker.000webhostapp.com/rpgmaker/util/extract-sprite-4.png)

That's the basics of the program, to change the methods you will have to change the settings.