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Games / [2k] Laxius Power II - Destinies
« on: October 14, 2019, 03:04:23 pm »


3 Stars of Destiny (2009)
Laxius Power I - Random Story (2001~2002)
Laxius Power II - Destinies (2003)
Laxius Power III - The Final Terror (2004)
Laxius Force I - Heroes Never Die (2008)
Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana (2009)
Laxius Force III - The Last Stand (2010)


Platform: RPG Maker 2000
Status: Complete
Game Release:
Author: Damianzeking, aka Indinera Falls
Language: English and French


"Laxius Power II (2003)... the perfect bridge to Laxius Power III!
4 heroes, 4 destinies to play separately!

● 30 hours of gameplay
● Play your heroes separately
● Bonus Lab at the end
● 15+ pencil artworks to discover" ~ Official Page


"After their heroic exploits in Laxius Power, Random and his friends are rewarded with expensive and powerful training courses all over the world. In this sequel, play separately each of the 4 main heroes' destinies, as they grow up and learn more about themselves." ~ RPG Palace



Mirror Official 1 - Page
Mirror Official 2 - Page
Old Games
RPG Palace


Topic in Steam, Information compiled about the saga;
Laxius Power Shrine, Laxius Games official back up forum;
Aldorlea Games, 3 Stars of Destiny and Laxius Force Saga;
New Homepage Laxius Power, Accessible only WebArchive;
Old Homepage Laxius Power, Still works.

Games / [2k] Laxius Power I - Random Story
« on: October 10, 2019, 12:10:05 pm »


3 Stars of Destiny (2009)
Laxius Power I - Random Story (2001~2002)
Laxius Power II - Destinies (2003)
Laxius Power III - The Final Terror (2004)
Laxius Force I - Heroes Never Die (2008)
Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana (2009)
Laxius Force III - The Last Stand (2010)


Platform: RPG Maker 2000
Status: Complete, version 1.2
Game Release: May/31/2002 (previous release: October/23/2001)
Author: Damianzeking, aka Indinera Falls
Language: English


"Laxius Power (2001-2002)... a legend begins!
Discover a party of heroes and get ready to play over 100 hours in this addictive game which defined the LP touch. More than 2 million downloads worldwide!

● 100 hours of gameplay (450 maps total)
● One of the biggest, most open-ended worlds ever created in a free RPG
● Non-linear gameplay
● 8 characters to play, with their own unique spells, stats and personnalities
● Up to 50 quests!
● Award-winning game" ~ Official Page


"The game focuses on the history of Random Pendragon, a young swordsman, gifted with talent and skills. He lives in Rillia,a town on the southern part of the Deport, the main world of the game. Bored of his training courses he decides to participate in a tournament at SankT Leona, a famous city in the deport. He takes some friends with him, Luciana and Coryool, and also his girlfriend Sarah.

But simultaneously, an organization called The Dark Order wish to annihilate the world, causing chaos and destruction by releasing the demons, and a powerful army of overboosted creatures. Random and his friends now will have to confront them before it's too late.

The first Laxius Power is the sequel to 3 Stars of Destiny whereas the third one is the prequel to Laxius Force - Heroes Never Die." ~ Aldorlea Wiki




Mirror Official 1 - Page
Mirror Official 2 - Page (Off)
Mirror Digerati
Caiman free games


Topic in Steam, Information compiled about the saga;
Laxius Power Shrine, Laxius Games official back up forum;
Aldorlea Games, 3 Stars of Destiny and Laxius Force Saga;
New Homepage Laxius Power, Accessible only WebArchive;
Old Homepage Laxius Power, Still works.

Games / Re: [2k3] Other Land - O Livro do Segredo
« on: May 10, 2019, 08:44:03 am »
Sector?! Faz tempo, sempre achei esse projeto lindo, eu pretendo colocar esse fórum em inglês, eu devo ter esquecido que deixei essa área livre para postagens, eu ainda estava trabalhando pra deixar o fórum em ordem rs

Mas fique a vontade.

Okay, edited.

If the author appears and comes posting the game himself, later change the topic to another game. Just a personal message (PM) or here in the topic itself.

Games / [2k3] Other Land - O Livro do Segredo
« on: May 05, 2019, 09:19:46 pm »
Topic by Sector Maker

Platform: RPG Maker 2003 MU
Category: Action/Adventure
Author: Sector Maker
Language: Brazilian portuguese

Systems ----------------100%
Monsters ---------------100%

Gold Project -  Mundo RPG Maker (inactive forum)

The planet Other Land, which preserves the purification of the defenseless animals that inhabits it, is now threatened with extinction because Goreon, a being that comes from the depths of darkness with unimaginable evil powers, is about to invade Other Land and make of the creatures that live there , his servants. His desire is to obtain the Livro do Segredo (Book of the Secret), a book that in his magical pages, contains secrets that can satisfy a desire to whom it obtains. This book is guarded and protected in Other Land by an old, wisest old man who has ever existed on the face of this planet, Mr. Oldain, a very wise old magician who comes from a village called Vila dos Duendes Eternos (Eternal Goblin Village), a place the beings who were born there, live forever. This old magician possesses divine powers that go beyond the human imagination. The book of the Secret is under the protection of this powerful magician for centuries, but now it is in serious danger, Goreon possesses evil powers and will be able to use them to possess the Livro do Segredo (Book of the Secret) in order to transform the request of the dreams into nightmares. He wants to attain immortality like Oldain, but for this he needs the desire that the book has. But Oldain as protector of the book and also of the planet, will not let that happen. Soon he will make a brief decision, he will invoke a human being from Planet Earth to get to the book before Goreon, in order to polish his life because his body is worn out despite living forever, his body wears out like that of an ordinary human being . Only a purified heart can enter the place where the book is stored. Goreon intends to control the beings that inhabit Other Land to make this work for him. The human that Oldain will invoke is called Lucy, a young woman who on earth performs all her duties as a citizen and Oldain makes sure that her heart is purified, that is, she has never committed any evil concerning another living being on earth. She will be responsible to face all the evils that Goreon can do to get what she wants. Will Oldain with the human Lucy get to the book before Goreon takes it?


Spoiler (hover to show)

Spoiler (hover to show)

This human was chosen by Oldain for his charisma and for having a pure heart. She will be charged with fighting the evil powers to protect the Livro do Segredo (Book of Secrets) from the clutches of evil.

Mr. Oldain
This old magician who was born in the Vila dos Duendes Eternos (Village of Eternal Goblins), possesses incredible powers and eternal life. He is on a mission to guard the Livro do Segredo (Book of the Secret) and protect the planet Other Land.

This evil being still unknown by many, came to Other Land to destroy everything in front of him. Owning the Livro do Segredo (Book of Secrets) is your ultimate goal, achieving infinity would be your mission in Other Land. Oldain says the beings on this planet will be Goreon's first target.

Livro do Segredo (Book of Secrets)
This book was made by a very old magician, the magic of the book was in the making of tests. The book was being done in order to see how far this magician's power would go, but he managed to make a magic book that frees a wish for the one who without help of magic to open it. The very mage who did it, could not enjoy its power. Seeing that he was too old to continue, this unknown magician granted the right to keep the book to a friendly magician, who becomes Mr. Oldain. Shortly thereafter he passed away leaving a precious book. To this day Oldain holds the book with full responsibility.

LOBS (Other Land Batle Sistem)
Custom Menu
Custom Title
Popup Bar (Item, Map, Information, tips)
Custom Store
Password (Replaces save/load system)
Custom HUD ( Hero, Bosses)

"Katana" Sword
This is the system that I created and that caught my attention, by the systems that I have been following in the games of RM2k3, all ABS systems are a little "fake" because there are practically two ways to do the animation of the hero, they are : make the action of the hero give swordfights via battle animation, or make the char of the hero running the move with the sword via charset. But each of these modes has its disadvantages. The battle animation, when the hero's action is being executed, can not have any animation on the screen because the effect of the hero's animation will be cut, as the RM2k3 does not execute two on-screen battle animations at the same time for one to execute the other is automatically canceled, and worst, when you get, for example, behind a tree and perform the action, the battle animation is above the tree, and the tallest leaves and galls in the tree must be above the tree. hero, this diminishes the beauty and perfection of the ABS system and the game itself. Now the charset system no longer has any of these bugs, but in compensation, the hero gets so close to the sword slash, due to the limited charset size in RM2k3, you can barely see that the hero is performing an action move , so the activation area of ​​the monster-event (this is what I call the monsters, because the monster is not a monster but a monster-like event) can not be far-reaching, decreasing the good quality of gameplay , but in relation to graphics bugs, this option is the most indicated, it was the same one I used in LOZ: Kokiris Temple. As I have been studying battle systems, I have developed a way that "killed two birds with one stone, see:"

This would be the ABS system created by battle animation, it would be very bad because the hero is above the chipset, it is an almost hopeless bug.

This is the system that I developed, the hero gets twice as big at the moment of action, and besides is at the level that should be, the istema was similar to Memories of Mana (By Moghunter) the activation area was very extensive, because as the char gets twice as large, the activation area can grow along with the size of the character, so it does not seem like the monster event is catching from a distance without even the hero touching it, which is pretty common in RM2k3 games that contains ABS system.

"Pegasus" Boots
This will help you on your journey to kick solid objects and slide them where they will be needed in the mini-game.

"Flaming" Staff
The wand of magic has the purpose of casting a flame capable of releasing and illuminating paths.

"Blend" Gloves
The gloves serve to lift heavy objects and throw them at a certain radius that will be chosen by the player. The ray goes from one to three tiles to the front, you choose the force applied on the object.

Cover "Illusions"
This illusionist cape allows the hero to be invisible and immune to monsters and direct contact, thus avoiding attacks and body damage in addition to helping solve some puzzles.

Brute Force
The brute force will be used to move heavy objects, pull levers and others.

The images of the systems described below you will find in the session: SCREENS

Custom Menu
The menu will allow the player to view some hero statuses such as Hp, Mp and Gold, but still allows you to exchange equipment and view its description and still view your location.

Custom Title
This system brings a spectacular graphic without the options to start, exit and the exceptional option of the game that is the Code, the unique password system of Other Land.

Barra de Popup
This bar brings information throughout the game as item found, local current tips and others.

Custom Store
The store allows you to buy Hp and Mp potions and view your Gold.

Password or Code
This system was recently implemented in the game was a hurdle and so much, but it was 100% of my authorship and brings an interesting feature that is the secret code, in addition to the codes for access to the areas of the game, you can enter with the secret codes for example start the game with 999 gold, or never lose mana. A typical system that brings the Snes classics to Maker and is 100% complete and working. Your codes will be acquired if you find the four hidden pieces that form the Magic Globe of the respective map, so the code of this place will be released on the screen for you. The code is given in numbers.

The location system is simple but displays a map of Other Land showing the player where his next adventure will be. It is a system of practice.

Custom HUD
The Custom HUD displays on the map screen, Hp and Mp of the hero in bars, the equipped weapon and the value of Master Keys possessed and displays the Boss's Hp when in battle with it.

Credits and thanks to the residents of the Maker communities, who are always willing to help and make available a resource and clarifying doubts. Special credits to Enterbrain and Nintendo.

Mirror 1 - http://www.4shared.com/rar/a7pz4tXWba/Other_Land_-_O_Livro_do_Segred.html?
Mirror 2 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/kl5a5ol6gybafeg/Other_Land_-_O_Livro_do_Segredo.rar/file

ATTENTION! Are you a fan of the game? Use fan bar!

Code: [Select]

Games / [XP] Memories of Mana 2
« on: May 05, 2019, 08:03:32 pm »
Author and Information: Moghunter / Atelier Rgss

Memories of Mana 2
Chapter Lenia


When reality and memories come into conflict the world falls into chaos.
Shadow forces emerge from the past bringing hopelessness to the weak.
In a world where one does not know who is allied or enemy, will Duran be able to find the truth and restore the balance between reality and illusion?


This game is a continuation of Memories of Mana 1, being a FanGame of the game Seiken Densetsu 3 of Square-Enix. The game will continue where the first version stopped with the hero Duran. Memories of Memories 2 will follow the same graphical style of the first version, with colorful graphics typical of the Mana series, with beautiful music and lots of action.



File Size - 70MB (non encrypted) Version 1.0 (Full)

English Version (Translated by Bastian)

Download (MediaShare)

Portuguese Version

Download (MediaShare)

Credits and Thanks

Spoiler (hover to show)

Questions and answers

Spoiler (hover to show)

Game Secrets

Spoiler (hover to show)

Games / [XP] Memories of Mana 1
« on: May 05, 2019, 07:12:10 pm »
Author and Information: Moghunter / Atelier Rgss

Story - Characters - Screens  - Donwload  - Credits - Link

The events occur one year after Seiken Densetsu 3.

The story takes place in a world called Celetial Island where the souls remain before they are judged by their acts in life. If you were a good person in life, anger to heaven will otherwise pay for your acts in hell.

In this world that is a mixture of past, present and future, souls wait for their destiny, be it good or bad. But there is a soul that has denied its destiny, and desires to leave this world before it is judged by its acts that it committed in life.

And now the world of souls is in great danger, just as the world of the living, for an old evil that was once banished wishes to return to life.

Will Angela be able to stop this from happening?

Angela - Princess of Altena, the realm of magic, has a warm temper and because of this she always gets into trouble and you are about to face a challenge you never imagined existed.

Duran - Brave warrior of the kingdom of Forcena, lost the father when he was very small in the great war against Dark Lord.
Now he enters this adventure motivated to find the father who was supposed to have died.

Celestia - Known also as Mana and in this world she is goddess of destiny where she maintains the balance of the souls that live in Celestial Island.

Gato - He is the companion and guide of Angela in this adventure and lives fighting with her, although they possess the very similar personalities.

Koren - Former advisor to the Queen of Altena, has a role still uncertain in history. He is a powerful wizard and is respected by all for his intelligence.

Menu System


Battle Field

Memories of Mana
Version    1.5 PT (Full Game)
File Size    30 Megabyte

ENGLISH Version by Bastian

Portuguese Version


If you do not have RPG Maker XP installed on your computer, install the file below.
Download RTP (24M)

The requirements for running RPG Maker XP:

Minimum Configuration
Operational System: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800MHz
RAM Memory: 128 MB Ram
Video: Resolution of 1024x768 in mode High Color

Recommended Configuration
Operational System: Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium IV 1500MHz
RAM Memory: 256 MB Ram
Video: Resolution of 1024x768 in mode High Color



Special Thanks

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