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[PACK] Paperdoll - RTP XP Standard



This package contains 956 graphical features separated by categories for use in any engine or system that can be adapted:
[*]Facial (Beard, moustache, etc)
[*]Hats and Helms
[*]Extras Accessories

[*]Clothing (Whole set)
[*]Bikini (Extra)
[*]Shirts (Clothing)
[*]Legs (Clothing)
[*]Boots (Clothing)
[*]Accessories (Wings, Tail, Backpack, etc)

[*]Various skin tones (not include elf ears)

Credits should go to the developers of several Charaset generators for RmXP, I was unable to identify the developers, I just organized and edited some to ensure more functionality.

In this package may contain repeated items, this is because they were extracted from different Charasets generators of Rpg Maker XP.
Some are not with the transparent background.


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